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The Tasteavore trade event management software package offers a complete system for managing and streamlining trade shows. Created exclusively for the industry, this comprehensive system is fully customizable and tailored to meet the specific needs of distributor/trade relationship fulfillment.

By implementing the Tasteavore smartphone app, you will produce a state-of-the-art tasting event, encourage vendor loyalty, all while improving the guest experience. While your guest are encouraged to use the smartphone app, we have found many important ways for staff and sales reps to use the app during the show to capture key sales leads.

How it works:

Tasteavore is an easy to use smartphone app which you can download for free. Every product featured at the show has a scan tag and every person's name tag has a scan code on it. Including all the staff and sales team. When any registered person scans products or people, Tasteavore builds a report which will be emailed to the user the next day. It includes information on:

  • Products:
    • Company mission statement
    • Social Media links
    • Product description
    • Product stock number and pricing
    • Notes made about the product by the person who scanned it
  • People:
    • Full name and business name
    • Email and cell phone number
    • Notes made about person by the person who scanned them